Saturday, March 11, 2017

Day 17

                                                                 Heart  on Sleeve

     The one drawback to this experiment is that I can't always take a picture of  what's in front of me.  This is a photo I copied from some google tattoo search.  Ideally I should use my own photo but since whipping out my phone and snapping a pic of  the gas station clerk while paying for my 2 for 1 cashew snack pack would have been super weird, I'm taking some creative liberties. 
     That is also what "Nick" did  with his body art too.  I'm not a tattoo aficionado or big on them in general but they are interesting and I've never seen something that would be considered feminine etched permanently on a guy's arm.   I'm almost certain, from his blond highlights and above average looks and politeness, that Nick is gay, but regardless of  my stereotyping, I thought it was bold and original, in a good way.

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